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Change Your Life By Changing Theirs! Our mission is not a one-time event, it is a lifetime commitment we have made to support these children continuously to instill them with the tools they need to become strong and competent leaders in their own community.

Ways You Can Get Involved

Donate To Our Cause

100% of donated funds go towards offering aid and education to the children and families that we serve.  The Lialoha Pathway Elementary serves 14 neighboring villages and we are looking forward to expanding our efforts to other areas of the world that also require assistance. 

Become A Sponsor

The Lialoha Pathway Elementary School started with just one grade, kindergarten, and 100 students.  It has now expanded to 4 grades (K-3) and serves more than 250 students in the Kampong Chhnang region of Cambodia. Becoming a sponsor means your contributions will go towards providing the classroom tools and resources each student needs in his or her education. 


Offering your time, talents and efforts is one of the greatest ways you can personally contribute to the betterment of these young lives.  We welcome all who have the means and motivation to join us in this effort to visit Cambodia with us and see for yourself the results of your contributions. Some of the volunteer opportunities include teaching the students, offering medical aid and contributing to the construction of school facilities and homes.  Contact us if you are interested volunteering!

About Your Donations

Where & How They Are Used

Building schools, improving communities and providing educational resources for children of underserved and forgotten areas around the world is a mission that we have dedicated our lives to pursuing.  This is more than a one-time call to serve, this is a lifetime commitment of improving the lives of the children, families and communities of these beautiful countries.  We know that through our efforts, we can make a difference and we appreciate the hearts and hands that have joined us in this noble cause. 

What percent of the proceeds goes towards supporting students and school resources?

We are a non-profit organization operating 100% on volunteers in order to dedicate 100% of the proceeds to those in need.

What types of donations do we accept?

We accept monetary donations as well as donations of time through volunteer efforts.  Please contact us directly to arrange group volunteer opportunities.

For monetary donations, please visit our Paypal link. For inquiries about volunteering your services, please contact us directly at

Are there any local opportunities to make contributions?

We hold an annual benefit dinner every fall in order to raise money which goes toward our charity efforts in Cambodia. Please contact us for further details if you are interested in attending a future event.

What does it mean to become a sponsor?

Thanks to our sponsors, children who were unable to afford an education can now get the education they deserve. 

Every sponsorship gives a child in Cambodia a scholarship to free education for a year.

To sponsor a child or volunteer to help, please contact us at

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Our children are 20% of our population but 100% of our future. It is our goal at The Pathway International to help our students to do more than just survive their circumstances, we want to give them the tools they need to thrive into the future and beyond - working steadily to improve the communities and the country in which they live. Join our mission of hope and progress for the future generations of Cambodia.

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