Humble Beginnings

When It All Began

In 2014, Troy Lee and his family wanted to take a meaningful vacation and decided to go to Cambodia. While there, Troy’s family witnessed the unimaginable hardships that the children underwent day to day in the raw out skirts of Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. They saw that many children were orphaned with an average adult life expectancy of only about 40 years. The people here are living with no running water, no sewer system, no waste disposal system, no school, no medical care, no sanitation, and no one to help them. They saw that the children in this area were only about half the size of our American counterparts due to malnutrition. Children were seen as a source of income; therefore, they were being sold as young wives and laborers, adding to a cycle of life that grants them no future.

Lia, Troy’s daughter, 10 years old at that time, was impacted profoundly after seeing Cambodia’s harsh reality and wished that the children had a school in the area where they could learn and play. This became the seed of our important movement.

With a heart of compassion and convition, Troy and his family funded a purchase of a plot of land with their own money to serve as a location to build a school. When they returned to Hawaii, they shared the stories of Cambodia with their friends including Timothy Yi, developer, youth pastor, and President of Samkoo Pacific LLC. This ignited a gathering of hearts and efforts to help the children in Cambodia. The families of Timothy Yi, Troy Kim, Andrew Yi, Kenny Kim, and In Song Kim visited Cambodia whenever they could and started putting their personal savings together to make the vision of a school a reality. The word spread among friends, the church community, and others who got involved by providing their time and funding, 100% on a volunteer basis.

Our Team

Troy Lee

Troy Lee


On his very first visit to Cambodia, Troy and his family witnessed the lack of educational resources and opportunities available to the children and families living on the outskirts of Phnom Penh.  It was then that they decided to devote themselves to improving the lives and circumstances of those who were otherwise ignored and forgotten in impoverished parts of the world. 

In Song Kim

In Song Kim

Field Director

 In Song Kim and his wife Young Sook Lee, left the comforts of their home in Hawaii to dedicate their lives in full time service to the people of Cambodia. Since 2017, they have lived with the children, loving, protecting and educating them, while equipping them to become the future leaders of Cambodia. Their sacrifice and commitment are the true essence of what TPI stands for.

Where We Are Today

Founding member In Song Kim and his wife, Young Sook Lee have been living full-time in Kampong Chhnang with the forgotten children of Cambodia for past 10 years. In Song Kim is from Hawaii with a past much different from the life he lives today. He was formerly one of the lead Korean gangsters in Hawaii until one day while incarcerated, a Korean pastor cared for him like a son and continuously ministered him in prison. The pastor’s genuine love and long-term commitment became the inspiration of In Song’s transformation and dedication to the children of Cambodia. His commitment to the children is so strong that he lived in Cambodia while his wife worked and supported his efforts from Korea. Seeing that he would not leave the children, she too gave up her successful interior design business in order to care for the children with her husband. Together, they live with the children, loving them like their own, protecting them, educating them, and equipping them to become the future leaders of Cambodia. In Song and his wife expects nothing in return, only an undying dedication to the success of these children. Their sacrifice and commitment is the essence of The Pathway International.

The Pathway International has successfully completed Lialoha Pathway Elementary School that serves 14 villages near the Kampong Chhnang Province. They welcomed their first Kindergarten enrollees with over 100 children. The Pathway International has a long-term plan to support these children through their progression. Lialoha Pathway Elementary School is the first and only school in this area. Our next steps is to build a retreat center for the volunteers, teachers, doctors and visitors over the next several years, and then build a middle and high school to further the education of our current students. Our mission is a lifetime commitment. We will support these children continuously so that they develop their own sense of hope, strength, and tools to become the leaders of their community. With great effort, In Song and his wife got the official approval from the Cambodian government deeming Lialoha Pathway Elementary School as one of the few certified educational institutions set up by foreigners in Cambodia.

Through our works in Cambodia, the needs of the Philippines were brought to our attention, inspiring us to begin serving in the Philippines by seeking children with direst medical needs and funding their necessary medical care in life or death situations. We realized that although there are many other large organizations doing good all over the world, there are still the unfound and forgotten. We want to help those in various parts of the world where hope and help is nowhere to be found. This is how The Pathway International found its calling. Our mission is to find the unfound, change their lives, and better their futures.

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

Our children are 20% of our population but 100% of our future. It is our goal at The Pathway International to help our students to do more than just survive their circumstances, we want to give them the tools they need to thrive into the future and beyond - working steadily to improve the communities and the country in which they live. Join our mission of hope and progress for the future generations of Cambodia.

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